Eyes Abroad 2014

Eyes Abroad - stories from the field

  • Canada supports Afghan women leaders

    2014-12-01 - On Dec.9, women leaders from 16 provinces gathered at a symposium in Kabul to present their “Cinema Zainab Communique” which contained their recommendations for action on issues most significant to them – violence against women, security, peace-building, access to water and economic empowerment. [Afghanistan, December 2014]

  • Changing Lives

    At the CCC orphanage.

    2014-12-04 - Sergeant Tracey Coghlin of the Ontario Provincial Police and Staff Sergeant Clare Smart of the Calgary Police Service spent their vacation helping street girls of Juba at the Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) orphanage. [South Sudan, Decembre 2014]

  • Celebrating Canada in Adelaide, South Australia

    Pierre Polar Bear made many new friends in Adelaide!

    2014-12-03 - The Canadian High Commission in Canberra and The Consulate General in Sydney hosted a series of events in Australia's 'Festival City' with the generous assistance of several of Adelaide's notable institutions. [Australia, December 2014]

  • Presentation of end-of tour medals to members of the Canadian Forces’ Operation Soprano

    From Left to Right: Captain Tom Brake, Major Francois Decarie, Sergeant Trevor Jessome, Major Sylvie Levesque, Captain Lara Jennings, Warrant Officer Cathy Ripley, Major Perry Rittershofer, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Ward, Major Dave Oldford and Major John McNeil.

    2014-12-03 - In October, newly-appointed Ambassador Nick Coghlan fulfilled his first official duty, in presenting end-of tour medals to members of the Canadian Forces’ Operation Soprano. [South Sudan, Decembre 2014]

  • Canada celebrates the 2014 International Day of the Girl Child in Kinshasa

    Testimonial from Ruth NSeke.

    2014-11-13 - To mark the 2014 International Day of the Girl Child, Canada organized a conference to advocate for improving the status of Congolese girls. [Congo, November 2014]

  • Canada supports Kenya’s First Annual National Children’s Government Conference

    Danny Kinaro, The National Children’s Government President takes the oath of office.

    2014-11-13 - Earlier this year, over 400 elected pupil representatives from primary schools across Kenya attended a colorful swearing -in ceremony of the National Children’s Government, the first of its kind in the country. [Kenya, November 2014]

  • Making a difference on Nelson Mandela Day 2014

    Pre-schoolers colouring butterflies.

    2014-11-13 - The High Commission in South Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela Day with a film screening and volunteering in the community. [South Africa, November 2014]

  • Canada Helps South Sudanese Refugees Return Home as Physicians

    Canadian doctors, senior UN staff and Cdn Ambassador Nick Coghlan; Bor; October 2014

    2014-11-12 - Canadian Ambassador Nick Coghlan celebrated signs of reconciliation, healing and hope—the fruits of the remarkable bravery of a special group of refugees and years of Canadian support. [South Sudan, November 2014]

  • Star Spangled Commemoration: Shared Musical and Military History Comes to Life

    Star Spangled Commemoration

    2014-11-07 - The Embassy of Canada’s bicentennial commemorations of the Washington Campaign of 1814 culminated in Baltimore with a week-long celebration styled as “The Star Spangled Spectacular”. [Washington, November 2014]

  • Estonia’s Language Immersion Program: Built on a Canadian Educational Success Story

    Gerry Connelly (Right), former director of the Toronto District School Board, exchanges gifts with Estonian Language immersion teachers in 2012.

    2014-10-29 - Canada is proud to mark sixteen years since the beginning of our support for Estonian Language Immersion Programs across Estonia. [Estonia, October 2014]

  • Towards a more peaceful world - Inauguration of a Library on the Shoah in Montevideo

    Library of the Shoah

    2014-10-22 - Representatives from the Canadian Embassy in Uruguay were present at the official opening ceremony of the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Library, a project supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). [Uruguay, October 2014]

  • Canada supports Corporate Social Responsibility in the Extractive Sector

    Mr. David Simpson, CSR consultant at Interpraxis Canada, chairs the seminar.

    2014-10-22 - The Embassy of Canada in Addis Ababa in cooperation with the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines hosted a half day Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forum at Desalegn Hotel. [Ethiopia, October 2014]

  • Canada provides emergency humanitarian assistance to Ethiopian migrants

    Vulnerable children and mothers receive medical assistance thanks to IOM’s emergency humanitarian response and DFATD’s Canada Fund.

    2014-10-22 - Through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Canada contributed to the International Organization for Migration’s direct emergency humanitarian response in support of the over 165,000 Ethiopian migrants who returned from Saudi Arabia in early 2014. [Ethiopia, October 2014]

  • Canada opens a health centre in a Kinshasa commune

    The provincial health minister and the head of cooperation cutting the ceremonial ribbon

    2014-10-22 - The Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa and the provincial minister of health opened a health centre in Bita, in the Maluku health zone. [Congo, octobre 2014]

  • Protecting Human Rights by Training Congolese Journalists

    Participants celebrate their achievements

    2014-09-02 - Fifteen journalists from across the Democratic Republic of Congo are freshly equipped to fight against human rights violations, thanks to a workshop organized by the Embassy of Canada. [DRC, July 2014]

  • Applying Great Lakes Knowledge to Help Lake Titicaca

    Indigenous communities still live on floating islands made of totora reed.

    2014-08-08 - Canada’s experience managing the North American Great Lakes can help reverse the environmental damage being done to Lake Titicaca. [Peru, July 2014]

  • Celebrating Canada Day around the World

    Among other activities, children from local NGOs in Chandigarh read books, drew and worked on puzzles at the Canada Day pancake breakfast.

    2014-07-24 - Canada Day is a time of celebration with our international friends and allies. Our offices around the world observed the 147th anniversary of our nation through events as diverse as Canada itself. [July 2014]

  • Canada Takes Leading Role in Human Rights Film Festival in Burma

    This year’s Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival poster

    2014-07-22 - The Canadian Embassy was a sponsor for this year’s Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival in Yangon, and helped to found a new award for best student film. [Burma, July 2014]

  • Canada connects with Kiwis through rugby

    Canadian Rugby Sevens Training Clinic

    2014-07-10 - For twelve years straight, the Canadian Rugby Sevens team has led an annual afternoon training clinic for members of the Johnsonville Junior Rugby Club in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. [New Zealand, July 2014]

  • Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of La Francophonie in Kinshasa

    The speakers, including Ms. Carole Robert

    2014-06-19 - In Kinshasa, Canada united a celebration of Francophone legacies and culture with a modern take on Corporate Social Responsibility in Congolese mining. [Congo, July 2014]

  • Canada Supports Anti-Discrimination with Playtime in Brazil

    The children practice mixing colours and chat with Ambra Dickie

    2014-06-19 - The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives joined with Amigos da Vida to help break-down the preconceptions and fear that affect thousands of HIV-positive children in Brazil. [Brazil April 2014]

  • Hitting a High Note: Music Unites Canada and Hungary

    Lisa Yui engages her audience.

    2014-06-18 - The remarkably talented Canadian pianist Lisa Yui gave a piano recital before a packed audience at the Embassy of Canada in Budapest. [Hungary, June 2014]

  • Celebrating Friendly Hockey Rivalries in Washington

    Sporting Team Canada mittens

    2014-06-12 - By opening our doors to watch hockey with our American friends, neighbours and allies, Canada was happy to once again establish the Embassy in Washington as a destination for celebrating shared interests, open dialogue, and friendly competition. [Washington April 2014]

  • Canadian Fundraiser Brings Sports Programmes to Afghan Orphanages

    Fundraiser for Afghan Children’s Charity

    2014-06-12 - Over one hundred vulnerable children will have the chance to participate in soccer, gymnastics and karate sports programmes this year, thanks to the first annual Maple Ball at the Canadian Embassy in Kabul. [Afghanistan, June 2014]

  • Canada and Burma Celebrate Peace Through Play

    Greg Hamilton and teammates

    2014-06-10 - Canada invited Canadian chinlone player and documentarian Greg Hamilton to Yangon and Mandalay for a tour that included screenings of his film, a chinlone tournament and a starring role in a Chinlone for Peace media event. [Burma, June 2014]

  • Renewing a Historic Relationship in Burma

    Manulife's Leadership Team, Rangoon, Burma 1938: Teck Swee, HG Howard, SK Chatterjee, DJ Lewis, A Mukherjee, JH McCann, TPB Hope

    2014-06-10 - After a 70 year absence, Canada's largest life insurance company has officially opened an office in Burma. The opening of Manulife’s office marks the first Canadian brand presence in the country since sanctions were eased in 2012. [Burma, June 2014]

  • Celebration and Resistance: Canada Supports LGBT Rights in Burma

    A peacock banner celebrating the LGBT community

    2014-06-10 - Canada sponsored several public events to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) in Burma, including dancing, speeches, and conference and a roundtable discussion. [Burma, June 2014]

  • Honouring the Canadian-American Security Partnership in Minneapolis

    Captain George Romick, Corporal Tucker Arnold, Warrant Officer Craig Loverin, Kate Loverin, Master Corporal Taylor Crozier, Mrs. Pheroza Merchant, Consulate General Jamshed Merchant

    2014-06-09 - During recent flag-raising ceremonies at Major League Baseball’s Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, three Canadian Forces reservists were honored by thousands of American baseball fans for their service to North America. [Minneapolis, June 2014]

  • Honouring fifty years of Canadian peacekeeping efforts in Cyprus


    2014-06-09 - The first Canadian peacekeepers arrived on the island of Cyprus in 1964. 10 veterans, accompanied by Minister of Veterans Affairs Julian Fantino, visited Cyprus to honour and remember those who served for peace. [Cyprus, June 2014]

  • Journalists defend human rights in Kuwait through storytelling

    Ambassador Douglas George with the JHR trainer and participants

    2014-05-05 - Canada invited a trainer from Journalists for Human Rights, one of Canada’s leading international media development organizations, to share knowledge with Kuwaiti activists and reporters from local Arab and English newspapers. [Kuwait April 2014]

  • Nations Come Together for Gender Equality in Bangladesh

    Heather Cruden and her fellow representatives perform Seven (photo via Embassy of Sweden)

    2014-05-05 - The Embassies and High Commissions of Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UN Population Fund and UN Women collaborated on a week of events to celebrate the achievements of women internationally. [Bangladesh, April 2014]

  • Canada Empowers Women Leaders of Rural Ecuador

    Women trained in Joya de los Sachas, Province of Orellana.

    2014-04-22 - Canada supported the leadership training of 100 women in rural Ecuador, to help give them the necessary knowledge to participate more actively in their communities’ political life and in the provincial democratic elections. [Ecuador, April 2014]

  • Canada Provides a Platform for Human Rights Defenders

    Defenders of human rights gather at the Canadian Embassy in Geneva

    2014-04-22 - On the eve of the sixth Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, Canada opened its doors to the world’s most courageous human rights defenders and gave them the chance to share their experiences and challenges. [Geneva, April 2014]

  • Canada Supports Child Health Solutions

    Canadian Janine Cocker greets Symposium participants

    2014-04-22 - Canada is helping to build awareness of innovative approaches to address the three largest causes of child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea. [Ghana, April 2014]

  • Hockey Unites Canada and Hungary on the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

    Canadian and Hungarian players are signing a hockey jersey designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada-Hungary diplomatic relations.

    2014-04-22 - To celebrate this year’s 50th anniversary of Canada-Hungary diplomatic relations, the Canadian Embassy hosted a reception to honour the Canadian and Hungarian Under 18 National Women’s Hockey Teams. [Hungary April 2014]

  • Reaching for the Stars at SciFest Africa

    Model satellites at the Canada in Space exhibition.

    2014-04-22 - SciFest Africa is an annual science festival that takes place in Grahamstown, South Africa. Canada participated in the festival for the first time this year, contributing an exhibition and a lecture. [South Africa, April 2014]

  • Reflecting on Canada’s International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Chairmanship

    Judith Weiszmann and her schutz-pass [Photo Karl Gabor, Stockholm]

    2014-04-22 - Canada achieved many things during its Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Dr. Mario Silva presented these achievements at a seminar hosted in partnership with the Living History Forum. [Sweden, April 2014]

  • Celebrating Francophone Culture at the United Nations International School

    Ambassador Rishchynski and Ambassador Savadogo read to a UNIS class.

    2014-04-07 - Ambassador Rishchynski and Ambassador Savadogo visited the United Nations International School to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture around the world. [March 2014]

  • First Nations Filmmakers Star at Berlin International Film Festival

    2014-03-18 - The Berlin International Film Festival allowed audiences from all over the world the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of the Canadian film industry, and for Canadians to celebrate the artistic achievements of their international peers. [March 2014]

  • Celebrating the Canadian Flag in Australia

    2014-03-13 - National Flag of Canada Day marks the day in 1965 when the red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Nowadays it is celebrated around the world in countries with which Canada has a valuable relationship, such as Australia. [February 2014]

  • Canada trains Ghana’s journalists in data journalism and visual storytelling

    2014-03-11 - Canadian volunteers with Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) helped train Ghanaian reporters to produce infographics that make data more compelling and accessible to their readers. [Ghana, March 2014]

  • Reducing Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    2014-03-10 - The Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa organized a round-table discussion with non-governmental human rights advocacy organizations with a view to stimulating thinking and creating an open, productive dialogue concerning the development of human rights in the DRC. [March 2014]

  • Dancing Against Violence: Canada Supports Girls’ Rights in Mongolia

    2014-03-10 - Canada spent several months promoting the rights of girls in Mongolia, speaking out against violence and supporting projects related to the International Day of the Girl Child through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives. [March 2014]

  • Registering birth days in Tanzania

    2014-03-04 - More than 90 percent of children younger than the age of five living on mainland Tanzania did not have birth certificates as of April 2012. Without a birth certificate, these children could be denied basic rights and protection. Canada shares the goal that every birth in the country is registered and each child is the proud holder of a birth certificate.

  • Gallery: Canada Looks Back on 70th Diplomatic Anniversary with Greece

    2014-02-26 - Canada celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations with Greece in a year-long series of events. Check out the gallery to see how we celebrated this anniversary. [February 2014]

  • Canada's expertise in education helps develop skilled workers in Tanzania

    Miss Madawa M., a recent graduate, talks about what she has learned.

    2014-02-20 - Education is the foundation for building economies in countries around the world. It is true in Canada, and it is a key driver for economic growth in developing countries such as Tanzania, where the demand for skilled labour remains unmet despite the large number of people seeking jobs. [February 2014]

  • Canada Day in Iowa: Connecting Leaders at the Capitol and Online

    Representative Wolfe and Representative Miller share a smile with Consul General Merchant.

    2014-02-20 - Iowa’s legislative leaders invited Canadian Consul General Jamshed Merchant and a delegation of legislators from the province of Saskatchewan to spend a day in Des Moines. [February 2014]

  • Promoting Girls’ Education in Bangladesh

    Ms. Elena Ahmed; Heather Cruden, High Commissioner; and Ms. Nishat Majumder

    2014-02-12 - Marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Canada hosted an event focused on the accomplishments of Bangladeshi women and on Canada's global commitment to the human rights of women and children. [Bangladesh, February 2014]

  • Embassies in Costa Rica and Panama Unite for Women’s Rights

    Kimberly Bautista is greeted at the Embassy in Costa Rica.

    2014-02-12 - With this in mind, the Embassies to Costa Rica and Panama united to bring award-winning film director Kimberly Bautista to both countries to present her documentary Justice for my Sister. [Costa Rica and Panama, February 2014]

  • From the Classroom to the Nobel: Inspiring Educational Excellence in Peru

    A display of Munro’s novels in Spanish and information on Canadian educational opportunities.

    2014-02-12 - Canada is actively supporting education in Peru through a series of projects that are strengthening vocational training, education sector management and bilingual and child education programmes. [Peru, January 2014]

  • Canada-Ghana Partnership Provides Transformative Neurosurgery Skills

    Korle-Bu neurosurgeon Patrick Banka demonstrates the use of telesimulation.

    2014-02-12 - Using a series of webcams and computers, surgeons in Ghana will be trained in the surgical technique used to treat hydrocephalus, Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV), by expert neurosurgeons who will be teaching from Toronto Western Hospital in Ontario, Canada. [Ghana, February 2014]

  • 21st Century Remembrance: Teaching About the Holocaust in Atlanta

    Selected contents of the Learning Trunk Project.

    2014-01-30 - With Canada’s term as chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance drawing to a close, an event at the Galloway School in Atlanta celebrated a year’s worth of accomplishments in remembrance and research.

  • Promoting Commonwealth Values in Barbados

    From left: Rasheda Browne, Imani Brathwaite and Kaleah Clarke, peruse the excerpts found in the exercise books.

    2014-01-30 - As they celebrate their island nation’s 47th year of Independence, students in Barbados are also learning about human rights, the rule of law and protection from discrimination through new school workbooks.

  • Canadian Play Inspires Salvadorian Youth

    The cast meets children from the audience.

    2014-01-30 - El Ogrito, an adaptation of the play L’Ogrelet by Québécois author Suzanne Lebeau, supports children in their pursuit of a violence-free youth. [El Salvador, January 2014]

  • Sharing Knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana

    Nana Kobina Nketsia V, a traditional Ghanaian leader, receives a certificate upon completing the McGill Executive Course on Corporate Social Responsibility.

    2014-01-30 - The High Commission of Canada partnered with the CSR Foundation of Ghana to organize the first national public lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility. [Ghana, December 2013]

  • From North Dakota to Canada’s North: Commemorating the Arctic Expedition

    Original artifacts from the Canadian Arctic Expedition.

    2014-01-30 - Together with the University of North Dakota, Canada hosted a public symposium inviting the public to celebrate Canada’s legacy in Arctic exploration and environmental leadership. [North Dakota, January 2014]

  • Fighting Poverty with Skills Training in Peru

    A Quiruvilca community member.

    2014-01-30 - A DFATD supported project implemented by CARE (CARE Canada and CARE Peru) and Minera Barrick Misquichilca, a mining subsidiary of Barrick Gold, has changed the lives of a large number of small business owners, looking to acquire new technical capacities, as well as abilities to develop new market and supply chain opportunities. [Peru, January 2014]

  • Canadian Poet Promotes Human Rights in Zimbabwe

    Jamaican-Canadian dub poet D’Bi Young.

    2014-01-30 - With the support of the Embassy of Canada and the Pamberi Trust, D’Bi Young participated in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, culminating in a Human Rights Concert. [January 2014]

  • 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature: Munro-mania in Stockholm!

    Jenny Munro receives the Nobel Prize in Literature from King Carl XVI Gustaf on her mother’s behalf.

    2014-03-29 - Alice Munro is the first Canadian woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. Her prize was celebrated around the world, and especially in Canada and in Stockholm, where, from Canada’s perspective, the 2013 Nobel week turned into a real Munro-mania![Sweden, January 2014]