Passport Application Checklist

If you are applying for a child passport please consult the child passport application checklist.

Section One: Personal Information

  • My signature does not touch the inner border of the signature panel.
  • If applicable, I have included proof of name change, e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll certificate.   
    Original documents are preferred. (Please see Section Five checklist also.)
  • I have included my postal code.
  • Proof of travel (itinerary showing payment/e-ticket) has been provided, if applicable.

Section Two: Declaration of Guarantor

  • My guarantor’s profession is listed in the instructions that accompany the passport application form.   Please note that a relative can be your guarantor if their profession is listed.  A Justice of the Peace (JP) is not an eligible guarantor.
  • If I have lived in New Zealand (or one of the Pacific Islands listed on your website) for less than 2 years, I am submitting a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC 132).  I have signed it before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Lawyer, Commissioner of Oaths, or Police Officer.                   
  • The same guarantor who has witnessed my photographs has witnessed my application (or PPTC 132).
  • Prior to my guarantor signing and dating his/her declaration, I have completed sections 1, 3, 4 and 5 on the application form (or PPTC 132), and I have signed and dated all three pages.

Section Three: Previous Canadian Passport/Travel Document

  • I have included my previous passport (not a copy), even if it has been expired for more than 12 months.

Section Four: Proof of Canadian Citizenship

  • I have completed either Section B (born in Canada) or Section C (born outside of Canada). 
  • I have included my original birth certificate or citizenship card (not a copy).

Section Five: Documents to Support Identity

  • I have included at least one document to support my identity. (For adult passport applications.)
  • If I am changing the name in my passport (due to marriage, etc) my supporting ID is in my new name (the name I wish to be printed in my passport).  I have also provided proof of my name change (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll certificate).
  • I understand that my Canadian birth certificate, citizenship card, or marriage certificate (on its own) are not acceptable as supporting ID.
  • If I do not have a valid Canadian government-issued document (see the list of acceptable documents in the application instructions) I understand that “local equivalent” means the New Zealand (or Pacific Island - see website for list) equivalent to the documents listed.
  • I understand that photocopies of my supporting ID are acceptable, but they must be legible and show both sides of the ID (even if the underside is blank).
  • If sending a photocopy, the copy has been signed and dated (both sides) by the same guarantor who witnessed my passport application (or PPTC 132) and photos.

Section Six: Additional Personal Information

  • I have completed my occupational and/or educational history of the last 2 years (or 5 years if submitting a PPTC 132) up to the  current date, and including periods of unemployment, travel, stay-at-home parenting, retirement, etc.
  • I have provided my mother’s maiden name.

Section Seven: References

  • I understand that a relative (or my guarantor) cannot be listed as a reference.  Please note that a de facto partner is considered a relative.
  • If I am submitting a PPTC 132, my references are different to the references listed on my application form (so that there are four references in total).

Passport Photos:

  • I have enclosed two identical photographs that meet the photo specifications in the application instructions.
  • The name of the photography studio and the date the photos were taken are handwritten or stamped on the back of one of the photos.
  • My guarantor has written “I certify this to be a true likeness of (Applicant’s name)” and signed the back of the same photograph that bears the photographer’s details; or, the official who has signed the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC 132) has written “This is Exhibit A in support of the applicant’s Statutory Declaration.” and then sign the back of the photograph.
  • There are no stick-on labels on the back of the photographs.
  • I understand that photographs that do not meet Passport Canada’s specifications are not acceptable and will be rejected.

Return of Passport

  • I have enclosed a  self-addressed pre-paid “signature required” courier envelope
  • If I live in a rural delivery area I have included a Rural Delivery Sticker on the envelope.


If you are unsure of the current fee, please check the Passport Application Procedure page of our website for an up-to-date local fee schedule.