Passport Application Checklist – Child Application

Section 1 – Personal Information

  • Children 11 years or over must sign in the signature box.
  • The signature must not touch the inner border of the signature panel.
  • I have included my postal code.
  • Proof of travel (itinerary showing payment/e-ticket) has been provided, if applicable.

 Section 2 – Information on Applicant

  • Both parents’ details must appear in Section 2 even if the other parent is absent.
  • If the other parent is not able to sign please contact our office to discuss options
  • The guarantor’s profession is listed in the instructions that accompany the passport application form.   Please note that a relative or the other parent can be a guarantor if their profession is listed or they are a Canadian passport holder. A Justice of the Peace (JP) is not an eligible guarantor.
  • If you (as the applicant parent) have lived in New Zealand (or one of the Pacific Islands listed on your website) for less than 2 years, you are submitting a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC 132).Please note all the information is about the applicant parent applying on behalf of the child. The applicant parent has signed it before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Lawyer, Commissioner of Oaths, or Police Officer.                   
  • The same guarantor who has witnessed the photographs has witnessed the application (or PPTC 132).
  • Prior to the guarantor signing and dating his/her declaration, the applicant parent has completed all sections  on the application form (or PPTC 132).

 Section 3 – Previous Canadian Passport/Travel Document

  • I have included the previous passport (not a copy), even if it has been expired for more than 12 months.

Section 4 – Proof of Canadian Citizenship

  • I have included my child’s birth certificate or citizenship card (original document not a photocopy).

Section 5 – Declaration of Applicant

  • The applicant in Section 5 is the Applicant Parent under section 2 of the application

Section 6 – Declaration of Guarantor

  • The Guarantor has known the applicant parent for 2 years or more and has knowledge of the child


In addition to the proof of citizenship please provide proof of parentage i.e. long form birth certificate showing parentage.

The applicant parent must submit one form of ID for him/herself

Include any separation agreements, court orders or legal proceedings pertaining to custody

Passport Photos:

  • I have enclosed two identical photographs that meet the photo specifications in the application instructions.
  • The name of the photography studio and the date the photos were taken are handwritten or stamped on the back of one of the photos.
  • The guarantor has written “I certify this to be a true likeness of (Applicant’s name)” and signed the back of the same photograph that bears the photographer’s details, or, the official who has signed the Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor has written “This is ‘Exhibit A’ in support of the applicant’s Statutory Declarationdate and then sign the back of the photograph.
  • There are no stick-on labels on the back of the photographs.
  • I understand that photographs that do not meet Passport Canada’s specifications are not acceptable and will be rejected.


  • I have made payment online and enclosed a print-out of the online transaction as proof of payment, or I have paid by credit card using the Government of Canada credit card authorisation form.

Return of Passport:

  • I have enclosed a  self-addressed pre-paid “signature required” courier envelope
  • If I live in a rural delivery area I have included a Rural Delivery Sticker on the envelope

If you are unsure of the current fee, please check the ‘Passport Application Procedure’ page of our website.