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Illness and Accidents Abroad

The Embassy cannot provide direct medical advice to Canadians. Please consult a licenced medical professional.

The Embassy does not have medical staff and cannot offer any medical services onsite.

The Embassy cannot pay, guarantee or subsidise medical expenses or evacuations. It is critical that you prepare yourself and purchase travel insurance before you leave Canada. Do not rely on your provincial/territorial health care plan to cover you while overseas.

The Consular Section can provide information on medical facilities in Thailand and local English or French speaking doctors and dentists.

The Consular Section can offer the following information on shipping prescription medications: Prescription Drugs and Canadian Travellers

The Consular Section can also provide other assistance such as:

  • contacting family or relatives
  • assisting with money transfers from family or friends
  • facilitating communciations with insurance companies
  • assisting with visa extensions
  • assisting with arrangements for medical evacuations
  • assist in the event of a death of a Canadian overseas



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