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Proof of Canadian Citizenship

What is proof of citizenship?

The Certificate of Canadian Citizenship is the only proof of Canadian citizenship for all Canadians born outside of Canada. This document is essential if you wish to obtain a Canadian passport and don't have a Canadian birth certificate. You will have to submit an application in order to obtain the certificate, which is issued by the Citizenship Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

A citizenship certificate is not a travel document and will not be accepted as ID in Ukraine. You will require a passport to travel.

If you decide to apply for a citizenship certificate in Kyiv, please follow these guidelines:

How to apply for a citizenship certificate?

Fill out form CIT 0001 (Application for a citizenship certificate under Section 3 - Proof of citizenship)

  • for children born outside Canada to at least one Canadian parent
  • to replace your current certificate because of damage, loss, theft or change of name

Download the application

Where to submit your application?

The complete application should be submitted to the

Embassy of Canada in Ukraine
13A Kostelna Street
Kyiv 01901

After verification that your application is complete, we will return the original documents to you (within approx. 2 weeks) and forward your application to the Registrar of Citizenship in Sydney, Nova Scotia, for further processing.

How long does it take?

Processing times vary; it can take more than one year to receive the citizenship certificate.

Please remember to advise us of any change in address while your application is processed.

Additional documents

If you apply for a proof of citizenship for your child who is born in Ukraine, our office would require the following additional documents:

  1. Original Ukrainian Birth Certificate + a copy translated into English or French.
  2. Original Parents’ Marriage Certificate (if applicable) + a copy translated into English or French.
  3. Passports of both parents]
  4. Proof of Canadian citizenship for one/both parents.
  5. Citizenship Fee payable at any branch of Pro Credit Bank (see Consular Fees and Method of Payment (hyperlink).

Canadian children born abroad cannot receive passport services until an application for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate is submitted. More general information about citizenship and children born abroad can be found on: Birth Abroad - FAQ page.

Important Notice

Parents intending to use surrogacy/reproductive technology in Ukraine are strongly recommended to consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) current policy concerning parentage. In most cases a DNA test showing a genetic link between a parent and a child is required.


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