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International Experience Canada for Citizens of Ukraine - Travel and Work in Canada

Make your working holiday dream a reality! International Experience Canada gives you the information you need to Travel and Work in Canada for up to one year.

International Experience Canada 2013 is now closed. We will post information about the opening date for IEC 2014 on this site when it is available.

You’ve always dreamed of spending a year living and working in Canada. Maybe you want to gain valuable international work experience in a bilingual across Canada while working at stops along the way...or simply intern abroad for your next co-op placement.


Did you know that the Government of Canada has a bilateral arrangement with the Government of Ukraine to make it easier to do just that?

Through International Experience Canada, you can apply for a temporary work permit to travel and work in Canada for up to one year.

There are organizations and companies that offer their services to participants in International Experience Canada. We refer to them as, Service Providers. Below is some advice to keep in mind when considering their services.

International Experience Canada
International Experience Canada enables Ukrainian citizens between the ages of 18 to 35 to:

  • stay in Canada for longer than 6 months;
  • legally work in Canada;
  • experience another culture.

Get started today - Choose your experience!

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Explore Canada’s Parks: New Brunswick Department of Tourism and Parks
Work and travel in Vancouver: British Columbia: Canadian Tourism Commission
Northern Lights in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories: Canadian Tourism Commission

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